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Research on Red Light Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

PBM Therapy is administered through the NovoTHOR® full-body light pod that delivers optimal power to reduce session times. In the 20 minute session, the therapy targets inflammation and stimulates repair, boosting energy levels, and promotes better sleep.

2Are there any side effects?

During the PBM Therapy, where there is ATP production by the mitochondria, oxygen in the blood is used in this chemical reaction. As such, there is less oxygen being supplied to the brain, this causes some individuals to report dizziness or slight nausea. In rare cases, some people complain of a headache. These side effects should not last more than 48 hours; If they persist, please let us know.

3Are any precautions required?

If you have any of the following conditions, please notify your technician before utilizing the NovoTHOR®.

• Pregnancy
• Epilepsy
• Cancer
• You are taking any medications or supplements that are cause light sensitivity.

4Do I need eye protection?

No, the wavelength of red, near-infrared light, and light densities are actually healthy for your eyes. However, we do have comfort goggles shall the need arise.

5How should I prepare myself?

Make sure to remove all jewelry that could refract light or scratch the bed. Remove as much makeup as possible, and limit the use of lotions, especially ones with light-blocking agents. The goal is to let as much light penetrate your skin as possible. Hydration is vital to the success of the treatments, so please drink water throughout the day!

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