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Steraligner cleans and sanitizes your Invisalign aligners in just 3 minutes while removing 99.9% of bacteria, all while removing plaque and tartar from your Invisalign aligners.
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How to use

1. Pour just enough of the concentrated cleaner in soaking tray provided to reach the fill line marked on the side of tray.
2. Place aligners carefully into the soaking tray and fill with tap water until aligners are covered. Allow aligners to soak for 3-5 minutes.
3. Take aligners out of the soaking tray and hold in sink. Wet toothbrush and scrub both sides of each aligner. Exercise care when brushing to ensure cleaning solution remains away from eyes.
4. Rinse aligners, toothbrush, and hands thoroughly with running water. Ensure cleaning solution has been completely rinsed off.
5. Discard remaining soaking solution and rinse soaking tray. Store for future use.
About Steraligner

Steraligner is an effective and convenient aligner cleaning system developed by Dr. Sam Daher, a leading orthodontist.

The Steraligner starter kit includes one 16 oz bottle of Steraligner solution and a soaking tray specifically sized to minimize the amount of Steraligner solution needed for each cleaning.



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