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Munchee Adult

Munchee Adult


Our new and improved version of the original Kevin Bourke Medium is now called Myo Munchee Adult.

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Myo Munchee Adult age guidelines: from 14 years through to Adult

Our new and improved version of the original Kevin Bourke Medium is now called Myo Munchee Adult.

Some of the features of the new design include a handle, a tongue attracter for optimal tongue positioning and trimmable extension plates on the back to accommodate different jaw sizes. The arch width is the same as the old Medium you are use to so you can use this as a direct replacement for your old Myo Medium.

Myo Munchee Tween will be available from 1st May 2022, this may suit 8-12 years with a slightly smaller inter-canine width measurement of 33-37mm rather than the Adult inter-canine width measurement of 35-40mm.

Please work with your practitioner to determine the best size Munchee based on the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Munchee is a great addition to day-to-day health and wellness routines. Munchee can be used passively or actively during the day.

We recommend using it actively throughout the day for up to 10 minutes. When you start using Munchee, chew multiple times per day to reach the 10 minutes in shorter reps, then increase the time as you become more comfortable. Passive use can be for longer periods and is a great way to reinforce nose breathing, correct swallow pattern and improve oral posture.

Myo Munchee Adult is generally suitable for teenagers aged from 14years through to 100+ years of age. The appliance is made to accomodate the 12 year old molars and is great to stimulate the arch form as the children grow.  If the 12 year old molars have not yet errupted you may find the Myo Munchee Tween will be a better fit, alternatively you can trip the backplates to shorten the overall length of the device.

Developing and keeping tone and function of the muscles of the lower third of the face are essential as they are integral to the functions of eating, breathing and speech all of which are essential for optimal human genetic expression.

Munchee is made of non-toxic medical grade silicone, and shaped to suit the natural process of chewing. It is easy to incorporate use of Munchee into your  daily regimen and is as simple as ready- set- chew. Myo Munchee Adult can be used for all ages from 8 years through to 90 years and beyond. It is a great adjunct tool to assist with:

  • Craniofacial development
  • Myofunctional therapy programs
  • Orthodontic protocols
  • Speech Pathology protocols
  • Dental hygiene
  • Bone and joint health
  • Periodontal condition
  • TMJ stability
  • Manual therapy adjunct
  • Sleep hygiene adjunct
  • Temporary MAS appliance
  • Dental hygiene
  • Prevent resorption
  • Periodontal health
  • Salivary production
  • Demential therapy adjunct


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