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DP Dental bamboo toothbrush – Adults

DP Dental bamboo toothbrush – Adults


We came up with our very own DP Dental eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush as at DP Dental, we are committed to supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal!

(Colours: White, Blue, Pink, Green)

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This is the first small step we are actively taking towards encouraging PLASTIC FREE LIVING here at DP Dental. Even the toothbrush handle is 100% organic Mao bamboo which is FSC-regulated to ensure that farming does not damage panda habitats. Our DP Dental eco & panda friendly bamboo toothbrushes are made out of 100% FSC-regulated organic Mao Bamboo which is proven to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. All our bamboo toothbrushes are also heat-treated to increase their water resistance and eliminate splintering. Furthermore, for every bamboo toothbrush that you purchase from DP Dental, a child from a developing country shall receive clean water or access to healthcare and education. This is made possible through DP Dental’s partnership with B1G1 – Business for Good!


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